L2 and M2 Technology

L2 technology (Laser pumped by Laser)

L2 technology can replace traditional inefficient (0.5-2%), erbium laser flash lamp with highly effective (10-20%) with laser diode pumping. This increase in efficiency can significantly reduce the cost of the laser system, reduce its size and increase safety by removing unreliable components such as fiber far-infrared part of the spectrum and flash lamps.
M2 Technology (Microbeam and Micropulse)
Technology M2 helps to set new standards of safe and more effective treatment of hard tissues with minimal need for anesthesia (the impact on dental tissue 4000 times weaker than a drill). Unlike conventional lasers that cut tissue high-energy beam of large diameter, the technology allows the M2 to work on hard and soft tissues of the beam much smaller (10 times), using hundreds of metered definitely small energy pulses (M2 beam).
The first study showed that the use of M2 technology can reduce the painful effects of modern lasers up to 10 times while significantly increasing the accuracy of the cut, while healthy tissue is not exposed to danger. Another unique feature of the method M2 is its ability to form a single micro-perforations in the solid tissues of the size of a human hair with a high ratio of length / width. Bone tissue can be drilled through the gum tissue so it can be formed microchannels matrix - the basis for the beginning of regeneration and growth of bone tissue.
Such micro-perforations on solid tissues, including enamel, dentin and bone, can be used for various purposes, including the delivery of drugs for the treatment of drug inside the structure of the tooth, root canal therapy and bone surgery.